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  • There is still a Sting in the Tail for Cloud Service Providers
    This week it gave me great pleasure to see my former employer, Zettagrid announced a significant expansion in their operations, with the addition of three new hosting zones to go along with their existing four zones in Australia and Indonesia. They also announced the opening of operations in the US.… Read more »
  • Have I Been Pwned PowerShell Module v3
    Over the last few years I’ve written I few posts on a PowerShell module I created that allows users to directly talk to the Have I Been Pwned API service ( that Troy Hunt maintains. While those posts are a little old now, they are still a good read on… Read more »
  • Using Variable Maps to Dynamically Deploy vSphere VMs with Terraform
    I’ve been working on a project over the last couple of weeks that has enabled me to sharpen my Terraform skills. There is nothing better than learning by doing and there is also nothing better than continuously improving code through more advanced constructs and methods. As this project evolved it… Read more »
  • NSX-v 6.4 End of Support Extended
    For those with NSX-v 6.4, they’d know the end of general support date was 16/01/2021, (just over a year from now). If you check the product lifecycle it now shows the end of general support is 16/01/2022. Read more »
  • Extending Monitoring with vROps
    vROps is a great tool for observing performance of a vSphere environment, investigating potential contention issues and with more recent versions capacity planning. However since vCOPs 5.x it has lacked somewhat in validating/reporting/alerting on environment configuration (there have been other products but not everyone has access to these), some will… Read more »
  • Veeam Vault #11 – VBR, Veeam ONE, VAC Releases plus Important Update for Service Providers
    Welcome to the 11th edition of Veeam Vault and the first one for 2019! It’s been more than a year since the last edition, however in light of some important updates that have been released over the past couple of weeks and months, I thought it was time to open… Read more »
  • Quick Fix – OS Not Found Deploying Windows Template with Terraform
    During the first plan execution of a new VM based on a Windows Server Core VM Template, my Terraform plan timed out on Guest Customizations. The same plan had worked without issue previously with an existing Windows Template, so I was a little confused as to what had gone wrong.… Read more »
  • Assigning vSphere Tags with Terraform for Policy Based Backups
    vSphere Tags are used to add attributes to VMs so that they can be used to help categorise VMs for further filtering or discovery. vSphere Tags have a number of use cases of which Melissa has a great blog post here on the power of vSphere Tags, their configuration and… Read more »
  • Deploying a Kubernetes Sandbox on VMware with Terraform
    Terraform from HashiCorp has been a revelation for me since I started using it in anger last year to deploy VeeamPN into AWS. From there it has allowed me to automate lab Veeam deployments, configure a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC networking and configure NSX vCloud Director Edges. The time… Read more »
  • Quick Fix – ESXi loses all Network Configuration… but still runs?
    I had a really strange situation pop up in one of my lab environments over the weekend. vSAN Health was reporting that one of the hosts had lost networking connectivity to the rest of the cluster. This is something i’ve seen intermittently at times so waited for the condition to… Read more »
  • The Separation of Dev and Ops is Upon Us!
    Apart from the K word, there was one other enduring message that I think a lot of people took home from VMworld 2019. That is, that Dev and Ops should be considered as seperate entities again. For the best part of the last five or so years the concept of… Read more »
  • VMworld 2019 Veeam Wrap Up – Supportability Announcements and Session Recaps
    VMworld 2019 is almost a distant memory, and with the focus now shifting to VMworld Europe happening later in the year I wanted to round out the US event with a wrap up of Veeam happenings at the event. It was a busy week for myself at the event which… Read more »
  • VMworld 2019 Review – Project Pacific is a Stroke of Kubernetes Genius… but not without a catch!
    Kubernetes Kubernetes, Kubernetes… say Kubernetes one more time… I dare you! If it wasn’t clear what the key take away from VMworld 2019 was last week in San Francisco then I’ll repeat it one more time… Kubernetes! It was something which I predicted prior to the event in my session… Read more »
  • Migrate2VCSA Error
    When using the Migration Assistant to Migrate from a Windows 5.5 vCenter to 6.5 VCSA, the migration assistant was failing to run on the Windows vCenter server. It automatically saves the logs on the desktop. When viewing the logs, this part stood out: 2019-07-22T00:31:58.193Z ERROR upgrade.states.component_states vcIntegrity:CollectRequirements: Remote script failed… Read more »
  • ESXi 'About to Install...' Hangs
    During an upgrade from 5.5 to 6.5, update manager started to do the upgrade, but after the host rebooted, it would boot into the ESXi 6.5 installer, but then display About to install for 15 seconds, then flash an error message, and then go back to About to Install. Leaving… Read more »
  • Display Last Command in PowerShell Title Bar
    Carrying on from my previous post on pimping out your PowerShell console. I started to look into way to update the PowerShell title bar. In PowerShell there’s an automatic variable called $host where you can specify your own custom UI settings. One of the properties that can be modified is… Read more »
  • Display Execution Time In PowerShell Prompt
    Some time back I attended a presentation where the presenter’s PowerShell console displayed their last command’s execution time in the prompt. At the time of thought it was a bit of a geeky novelty thing. Though recently I’ve had a slight change of opinion. It’s become a great way to… Read more »
  • Quick Post: vSphere 6.7 – Sporadic VM Resets by vSphere HA
    We had a customer recently that upgraded from vSphere 6.5 to 6.7 and following the upgrade to 6.7, virtual machines were sporadically being reset by vSphere HA with the following message in the vCenter event log: Error message on <VM Name> on <Host Name> in <Cluster>: VMware ESX unrecoverable error:… Read more »
  • Cohesity DataPlatform 6.3 – Active Directory Backup and Recovery
    I’ll be upfront and honest – backup and recovery doesn’t excite me, and it never has. On the other hand, this world of data management, policy driven protection / placement and analysis of said data does tweak my interest, which is why I taken an interest in tinkering with some… Read more »
  • Bulk Reports via vROps API
    One of the issues within vROps is the ability to run a report against multiple objects at a time, this could be a performance report against VMs, capacity reports for Datastores or configuration reports for Hosts. Running the report one at a time does become pretty cumbersome after about 2… Read more »
  • HaveIBeenPwned PowerShell Module Updates
    Back in 2017 I wrote a post on a PowerShell module I created that consumes Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned API service. I won’t go into too much detail about the service here. Plenty of people already have and since that time HaveIBeenPwned has exploded in popularity and most… Read more »
  • Modifying TLS settings in vROps 7.5
    If you’ve recently upgraded vROps to 7.5 you may wonder post upgrade why your vCenter 5.5 Adapters no longer work (and you see the below error message when testing Adapters….) or if you wrap up REST API calls with PowerShell (like done with PowervROps) and are no longer able to… Read more »
  • Building and running Windows Terminal
    The big news from Microsoft over the last week has been the announcement of Windows Terminal. An open source project from Microsoft currently up on GitHub. Windows Terminal allows you to run multiple tabbed CLIs from the one window. Not only that but they can be a mix of different… Read more »
  • Cohesity 6.2 – Office365 Exchange Online Protection
    Introduction With the release of Cohesity version 6.2, there is support to protect Exchange Online Office365 mailboxes natively within the product. Protecting data in a SaaS platform is always an interesting discussion. At the end of the day, there is a shared responsibility model at play here, and as the… Read more »
  • vRNI 4.1 Insufficient capacity on each physical CPU
    Deploying vRNI 4.1 you might get an error: Insufficient capacity on each physical CPU. Read more »
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